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Discover the complete range of shower enclosures for the elderly and disabled, floor-level dishes and other bathroom accessories.

Mobilty Care solutions are designed to make the most of the spaces and are suitable for creating comfortable shower stalls for the elderly and disabled in both new buildings and renovations.

This stair climber for the elderly and disabled is not a standard product, but needs a detailed analysis by one of our agents who will come to your home for free to study with you the ideal solution based on the type of staircase, your tastes and your needs.

Once you have reached the desired floor, thanks to the manual or motorized rotation of the seat, you can get off and back up easily from the chair.

The stairlift moves along three types of driving:

  • rectilinear guide: it is installed flush with the step and allows you to climb and descend along a linear flight of stairs without slope variations. The overall dimensions are reduced to 15 cm in depth;
    monotube guide: it is the most installed for its simplicity and integrates perfectly from the aesthetic and functional point of view in the environments. To install it, only three fixing points are required on a linear flight of stairs. The overall dimensions of the guide is about 18-20 cm and allows ascents with variable slopes up to 70 °;
    two-pipe guide: it is the version that has a reduced size of about 12-16 cm, but it needs to have more anchor points. It is generally used for stair lifts installed outside homes or when greater stability is required due to requests for significant weight capacities.

The standard Mobility Care chairlifts have a maximum load of 125 kg which can be extended to 137 kg for the larger version. In some special cases, where capacity requirements are higher, we have customized products that can support up to 230 kg.
Among the various models we have a hybrid version that presents in addition to the classic armchair also an easily reclosable platform to reduce the space occupied during the inactivity phase. This version can be useful in cases of progressive debilitating pathologies where walking is lacking and a wheelchair must be used to facilitate travel.


The analysis of ISTAT data relating to December 2014 shows that Italy has become the second country after Germany due to the aging population with one of the highest life expectancy in the world. This figure is fueled by a drastic drop in births and by a modus vivendi that is better than in past years such as to guarantee greater longevity for people.

However, the daily life of the elderly and the disabled must be supported by the correct aids able to help them safely live their spaces inside and outside the home, overcoming all the architectural barriers that limit their autonomy of travel. Lately a lot has been done from the legislative point of view to make public and new buildings accessible. In the case of homes it is more common for adjustments to be made, facilitated by the recent tax breaks (Decree Law No. 83 dated June 22nd 2012 and later: Extended until Dec. 31st, 2019 with the Budget Law 2019) and contributions on the purchase of stairlift to platform, chairlift and chairlift platforms provided you comply with the law.

As we age, the body begins to slow down at metabolic level and consequently even simple movements tend to be slower and more tiring. Common gestures like climbing the stairs become heavy and more and more elderly people, due to their instability in walking, risk falling down and causing fractures or even death. In these cases the benefits deriving from the installation of the stairlift to the chair are multiple. With the installation of this system for overcoming architectural barriers in your home the completely natural movements you could easily make will no longer be a memory: you can move safely and re-appropriate your life.


The equipment and safety features in the old-style seat stairlifts that Mobility Care markets are always in compliance with the regulations (DM 236/89 Design criteria and related technical specifications), so that you feel peaceful during your ascent and descent movements to the floors. For this the stair lifts will be equipped with the following safety accessories and standard options:

Rechargeable batteries that guarantee movement even in the event of temporary power failure for a total of up to 15 movements;
Safety belts to be connected before starting the direction of travel;
Pushbutton for maintained travel;
Anti-crush sensors and straps as per machine directive that allows to block the stairlift in case it hits an obstacle or a person standing on the stairs.
two remote controls that allow the call to the floor of the chair, also useful if it is used by several people in the same environment.

In addition to sales of stairlifts for the elderly and disabled, Mobility Care installs a wide range of accessibility products such as stair lifts, home lifts and ramps. We also carry out bathroom renovations using aids that facilitate the everyday life of people with disabilities.

Evaluate among our seat stairlifts the solution that best suits your mobility needs and if you need information contact us via our contact form or at info@mobilitycare.it.

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