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Mobility Care has over ten years of experience in the sale of stairlift for the elderly throughout Italy. This product is part of the entire wide range of aids for people over 60 and is essential for all those who have reduced mobility or struggle to live their daily spaces in adequate conditions of safety and autonomy. The offer of various types of stairlift for the elderly available at Mobility Care allows you to find the optimal solution to all your accessibility needs within the home environment.

The chair stairlift guarantees you an exceptional well-being and comfort thanks to high-quality ergonomic seats that will allow you to comfortably go up and down the stairs by simply pressing a button, all supported by multiple customizations such as wide choices of colors, optional and designs that make this mobility aid excellently integrated from an architectural point of view to the environment in which it is located.

The platform stairlift ensures that you can easily move around sitting on your wheelchair without having to make tiring transfers. Ideal for public environments, but also for private environments. The platform can be customized in size, allowing installation even on narrow stairs.

Regaining the opportunity to live your spaces in complete autonomy and to move freely around your home will help you recover that self-confidence and serenity that only those apparently insurmountable obstacles had removed you by improving the quality of your life.


The advantages resulting from the purchase and installation of a stairlift are undoubted given that this aid guarantees accessibility to all domestic environments, safety, and greater mobility for the elderly.

The 2016 ISTAT report, which takes into account the 2014 data, highlights what are the main causes of home accidents. In particular, ISTAT data highlight the frailty of the elderly who, from 65 years of age, is the victim of falls and consequent fractures; this phenomenon affects over half of men and over 75% of women. The trend of this type of accidents increases most after 75 years of age, involving almost 75% of men and over 80% of women. Among the causes of accidents in the home involving the elderly there is a reduced coordination efficiency due to various factors such as:

poor motor activity with consequent decrease in muscle tone;
increase in body weight;
physiological slowing of neuro-brain function;
presence of neurodegenerative diseases;
cardiovascular disorders.
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Often an elderly person with walking difficulties sees the possibility of living the premises inside the house as a priority. Mobility Care provides a whole series of devices designed to overcome tectonic barriers in the home environment, guaranteeing their use in complete safety. Physical activity remains essential, even outdoors, such as walks or other recreational-motor activities that help the elderly to keep their body and mind in shape by slowing down those degenerative processes with consequent decrease in insecurities in movements and decrease in joint pain. Mobility Care services also include the sale of stairlift for the elderly who can be safely installed inside or outside the buildings in order to ensure correct independence and a good state of physical and mental health.


In addition to the sale of stairlift for the elderly Mobility Care deals with the installation of electric stairclimbers that can be installed safely in the house or inside or outside public, private buildings and inside the common areas of the condominium provided that the regulations regarding the overcoming of architectural barriers. Once you have identified the room to be made accessible, one of our representatives will make a free inspection to decide based on your needs which stairlift is ideal.

Before concluding a sale of a stairlift, Mobility Care carefully analyzes which type of staircase the installation must be made on. Among these are products:

stairlift for straight or curved stairs;
stairlift for stairs with multiple landings;
stairlift for spiral staircase;
stairlift with or without handrail;
stairlift with or without railing.


Our wide range of different types of stairlift for the elderly allows you to satisfy your accessibility requests by helping you to move freely within your home. The choice of the product must be made scrupulously because he will accompany you in daily movements.

Our stairlifts are of two types, suitable for both the elderly and the disabled:

    • stairlift with armchairs
    • platform stairlift

Once the stairlift model has been identified, the aid will be made to measure according to your needs and the structure of the staircase.

There is no age in which it is advisable to install a stairlift; it is certainly preferable to install it when minimal walking insecurities arise or when using the wheelchair to move around.

For any information on the sale, installation and maintenance of Mobility Care stairlifts, contact us at toll free number 800 598078 or consult our FAQ stairlift ;.

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