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The Mobility Care platform stairlift for the elderly is a versatile product due to its versatile use and makes life easier for people with moderate to severe walking difficulties and who need a wheelchair for traveling.


In fact, in addition to being a very simple to use electric stair lift, it allows you to satisfy all your accessibility needs by breaking down the architectural barriers present inside or outside your building. The stairlift can also be equipped with a very comfortable reclining seat to help people with slight movement difficulties. Download the general catalog with our platform stairlift range and the technical features of the products.

The aid for the elderly and disabled is suitable for three types of stairs:

  • platform stairlift for straight stairs;
  • platform stairlift for curved stairs and with gradient changes up to 70 °;
  • platform stairlift for spiral staircases.

The minimum tread width to be able to proceed with the installation is 94 cm for the curved version and 85 cm for the straight version. With these measures it is possible to install the smaller standard 640 x 680 mm platform for the curved version and the 640 x 780 mm version for the straight version. The maximum capacity for all versions is 250 kg.

The platform stairlift is not a mass-produced product because on each scale there are different requirements both from the design point of view and from your needs. With the help of a Mobility Care consultant, you can easily identify your ideal platform stairlift to get a tailor-made project and a detailed free estimate.

In a few weeks, your stairlift will be built, which in a few hours will be installed in your home and will be ready for use after a thorough instruction on its operation by our competent staff. Once the platform stairlift has been installed, the overall dimensions of the guide will be about 12 – 13 cm, while in the inactivity phase the platform can be easily closed, taking the total space to 39 cm.

Our stairlifts move smoothly and silently. They can be installed in public buildings, private homes and inside apartment buildings according to the legislation for the removal of architectural barriers Law 13 of 1989.

Based on your product needs, the saliscale for the elderly can be moved along the stairs through:

a traction system thanks to a rope with motor placed at the top;
a motor present in the machinery by using an adherence system through the rollers on the guide;
motor present in the machinery using the rack installed on the guide.

For more information on mobilization systems read our guide on how to choose a stairlift.



The installation of a platform stairlift in those homes where older people are present is increasingly becoming a prudential choice due to the poor balance of these people who frequently fall victim to disastrous falls. Sometimes the installation of a stairlift is an obligatory choice since the stairs are one of the most dangerous places in the home. Unfortunately, the frequency of events is directly proportional to advancing age. Morbidity, disability and even death are some of the consequences to the falls due to the inadequacy of the premises that often have more or less relevant architectural barriers. Suffice it to say that, according to a study conducted for the Ulss 9 of Treviso by Dr. B. Barbato, at least 30% of the elderly over 65 report falling once a year in their own homes. The percentage rises to 50% for subjects over the age of eighty.

Often the fall is made more probable by the health of the elderly person suffering from other debilitating diseases that affect:

  • the nervous system such as stroke, dementia and Parkinson’s;
  • the cardiovascular system as orthostatic hypotension and arrhythmias;
  • the osteoarticular system such as friction and foot problems.

70% of falls occur inside one’s home and about half of these are caused by environmental factors.

According to ISTAT 2014 data, elderly people live much longer than half a century ago thanks to a rapid progress that has led to changing the lifestyle of the population.

This analysis suggests that it is absolutely essential to make public and private premises free of architectural barriers; an objective that can be achieved with careful planning of the premises in compliance with the Ministerial Decree number 236 of June 14, 89 and resorting to the installation of platform stairlifts or other devices for disabled and elderly people designed to improve mobility and ergonomics.

Stairs are one of the most dangerous places in the house and the installation of a stairlift to a Mobility Care platform appears to be a fundamental aid able to help both people with disabilities, but also all those who with the old age perceive the first difficulties to pass only a few steps daily. Not to forget the importance and the convenience of loading the shopping or other objects that would also weigh with your weight on your shoulders during the movements.

platform stairlift installation

Your freedom of movement will help you increase your self-esteem. Being able to go out and relate to other people inside or outside public places will substantially benefit your mental and physical health. Important factors for each individual.


The platform stairlifts for sale at Mobility Care are suitable for indoor and outdoor environments, but it is advisable to purchase a protective sheet as well as to galvanize the guide to prevent it from being ruined with time and weather. In addition to driving, some products can also be painted in the machine itself with a choice of RAL paints.

La piattaforma garantisce la massima sicurezza nei tuoi spostamenti. Viene dotato di accorgimenti tali da tutelare te e chi ti sta accanto. In base al servoscala scelto potrai avere di serie uno o due braccioli di sicurezza che si possono alzare manualmente o automaticamente. Di serie sono sempre installati i sensori che in presenza di ostacoli permettono di fermare il senso di marcia evitando danni ad oggetti e persone presenti lungo il percorso.

In caso di mancanza di corrente la versione con batteria inclusa ti permetterà di continuare ad utilizzare la piattaforma. Invece per la versione sprovvista dell’accumulatore se ti trovi bloccato durante l’utilizzo del saliscale basterà operare la manovra manuale di emergenza con l’aiuto di un assistente per portare l’ausilio al piano desiderato.

Tra gli optional è possibile avere anche il telecomando con il filo o un telecomando radio per permettere a chi vi assiste di controllare il servoscala per voi.

Mobility Care ha esperienza decennale nella vendita di servoscala per anziani. Contattaci per un sopralluogo gratuito da parte dei nostri agenti o semplicemente per avere ulteriori informazioni attraverso il nostro numero verde 800 598078 o scrivendoci direttamente dal sito.

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