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Mobility Care deals with the sale and installation of tracked stairlifts for the elderly and disabled designed to easily overcome flights of stairs in public places or private homes without fixed systems such as stairlifts and elevators.

Once you have purchased one of our stairlifts conceived to overcome architectural barriers and designed with an elegant design, you will be carefully trained by one of our technicians in order to obtain a correct use of the product. Given the ease of use, you can immediately attach your wheelchair to the electric stair climber to reach the desired environment.

The tracked stairlift for the elderly and disabled can carry people weighing up to 150 kg thanks to a structure made up of a supporting frame in electro-welded steel treated with cataphoresis process and chromed steel rudders. The machine body is then wrapped in shockproof thermoformed polystyrene shells with a modern and captivating design.

The movement of the rubber tracks of the stairlift takes place through an electric motor powered by a rechargeable battery and controlled in both directions by activating the buttons at the top of the control panel. The electronic control unit with microprocessor allows you to keep the charge level of the electric stair climber at bay as well as, through the presence of an irreversible gearmotor, to manage starts and stops in a soft way so as not to cause blows to the person being transported. The power of the motor of a Mobility Care tracked stairlift is 220 W, powered at 24 volts through the easily rechargeable battery using the special transformer connected to a common 220 V power outlet. is equal to 75 W.

The telescopic armrest adjustable in height and width allows it to easily adapt to most wheelchairs on the market. In some cases it is useful to combine platforms at the base of the mobile stairlift with tracks to lift devices with more bulky wheels, electric wheelchairs with tilting seat or mobile backrest.


To choose the best tracked stairlift for the elderly and disabled you must take into account that the models marketed by Mobility Care can be safely used both inside and outside buildings, guaranteeing high levels of:

  • SAFETY : in the event of a breakdown, or if the emergency button is pressed to stop the system immediately, the aid remains perfectly still on the ladder in order to guarantee that the attendant can proceed safely to manual handling maneuvers to bring the person to the nearest floor. If the rudder is not perfectly engaged, the controls are excluded. The belts offer greater protection and stability to the person being transported. Once charged, the device cannot be put into operation;
  • TRANSPORTATION : the tracked stairlift can also be easily transported by car by dividing the machine body from the drawbar side thus occupying a small footprint. The lighter version weighs 48 kg;
  • USABILITY : the controls on the machine in the upper part of the tiller are easy to understand and allow, with the appropriate buttons, to easily move the product while keeping the battery charge levels and the correct slope levels under control . A full battery charge has a minimum range of 35 flights of stairs.
  • COMFORT : the headrest is designed according to the most modern ergonomic guidelines and is padded to allow comfortable support for the neck. The soft start and stop system guarantees smooth starts and stops. Absence of vibrations and silent movements.
  • AGILITY : self-balanced wheels that come out automatically and allow you to maneuver the device once you reach the floor. The low height makes it easy to insert the various types of wheelchair. The aid moves at a speed of 5 m per minute.

Track stairlifts, although comfortable and easy to use, have limitations and should only be used in the case of:

  • straight stairs with a maximum gradient of 70% equal to 35 ° and made up of regular steps for tread depth and riser height. The step must not exceed 23 cm in height;
  • stairs with a minimum width of 80 cm;
  • presence of square or rectangular landings and not goosenecks;
  • stairs free of dirt such as sand or anything else that could affect the adherence of the tracks to the step such as to make the aid slip with consequent kickback by the person being transported;
  • minimum maneuvering space to be able to turn must be 90 cm by 95 cm;
  • presence of a person instructed to hook up the wheelchair and operate the vehicle in the correct direction of travel.

Mobility Care crawler stairlifts are highly engineered products . Compactness and elegance without precluding rigidity and strength. Easy to adjust by acting on the individual components during maintenance thanks to the correct spaces suitable for the insertion of common keys and tools.

For further information ask for our technical sheet on crawler stairlifts . Instead, for information on prices and to book a free trial directly at your home, call us at toll-free number 800 598078 .

We also remind you that Mobility Care also deals with the sale of stairlifts for the elderly, home elevators, accessible bathroom renovation and to provide a series of ergonomic aids to make your environment inside and outside the home barrier-free, comfortable and safe for your movements.