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Trevor Lift is a self-lifting platform that allows you to overcome differences in height up to 3 meters and has a maximum capacity of 250 kg. The particularly accurate design makes this lift a suitable solution to integrate perfectly with the different architectural contexts, even in the most prestigious buildings and residences.

The self-lifting platform, thanks to the minimal style and linear shapes, visually agrees with the balconies and landings where it is placed, without attracting attention. Thanks to the use of shatterproof glass walls and minimally invasive frames, the elevator blends harmoniously with the pre-existing structures.

The finishes are also hi-tech and refined. The self-lifting platform is characterized by the precious aluminum uprights with a rounded shape, the practical full-length handles that make the grip safer, the rubber or aluminum footplate coatings. Other finishes are available on request.

The Trevor Lift self-lifting platform is installed both inside and outside and is equipped with safety and emergency devices. It can also be made in a self-supporting version.

Conformity with European CE Directives
Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC
C.E.M. Directive 2004/108 / EC


portata: 300 kg
corsa massima: 10 m
fossa minima: 130 mm
velocità max: 0,15 m/s
potenza assorbita nominale: 1,5 kW
alimentazione: 230 V


Le caratteristiche generali delle piattaforme a pantografo Lift 2 si possono riassumere nei seguenti punti:

  • Dimensioni pianale: P 1530 mm x L 1100 mm;
  • Dimensioni fossa: P 1570 x L 1140 mm e H 280 mm;
  • Protezioni fisse a bordo elevatore: Vetro perimetrale trasparente di H 1100 mm e maniglioni posti sui lati lunghi;
  • Cancelli: H 1100 mm in vetro trasparente con apertura manuale verso il piano una volta scoccata la serratura elettromeccanica di sicurezza;
  • Rivestimento piattaforma: Pannello pedonale in formica e ulteriori finiture a scelta;
  • Finitura standard impianto: Color grigio Rovigo;
  • Protezioni sotto il pianale: Soffietto più bordo sensibile anti-schiacciamento;
  • Funzionamento: Elettroidraulico a pantografo con centralina incorporata;
  • Portata: 315 kg;
  • Alimentazione: Il motore monofase a 220 V consuma una potenza di 0,8 kW.

Conformità alle Direttive Europee CE
Direttiva Macchine 2006/42/CE
Direttiva C.E.M. 2004/108/CE