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Wheeled stairlift

The Mobility Care wheeled stairlift for the elderly and disabled makes it easier to overcome any type of staircase including curved ones, with fan-shaped landings or spiral staircases. Conceived with a sober and elegant design without precluding its extreme handling , it is part of the wide range of aids for the elderly indispensable in our company and represents one of the avant-garde products. Easily disassembled, it can be stored inside the trunk of your car allowing it to be used inside and outside the home, ensuring your accessibility wherever you need it.

The comfortable chair of the mobile stairlift with wheels has been designed observing the important ergonomic criteria and allows all those with motor disabilities to be able to overcome flights of stairs without difficulty or risk with the help of a guide previously instructed by our qualified staff. .

Among the features of a Mobility Care wheeled stairlift are comfort and safety , guaranteed by the presence of support armrests and the footrest with wheels, both of which can be reclined if necessary; the automatic brakes allow you to stop the aid once you reach the end of the step. The pivoting wheels with brakes in the platform also allow the squirrel stairlift to be used as a common wheelchair for transporting the person.

The simple controls installed on the handlebar, placed in the upper part of the telescopic drawbar, are controlled by a control unit and allow the aid to move, according to the desired direction of travel, by acting on an electric motor powered by an interchangeable and removable rechargeable battery of 24 V positioned on the machine which guarantees an autonomy of 500 steps.

Overcoming architectural barriers has become easier thanks to the mobile stairlift with wheels . This electric stair climber can also be used to transport the wheelchair while maintaining the same operating system. The absence of the chair and the footrest with the integration of two ramps allows the wheelchair to get on the machine and be hooked up easily. In this way, those who use a wheelchair can be transported comfortably on the stairs even in places where there are no fixed systems for overcoming architectural barriers such as stair lifts for the elderly and lifting platforms.


To choose the best tracked stairlift for the elderly and disabled you must take into account that the models marketed by Mobility Care can be safely used both inside and outside buildings, guaranteeing high levels of:

  • SAFETY : in the event of a breakdown, or if the emergency button is pressed to stop the system immediately, the aid remains perfectly still on the ladder in order to guarantee that the attendant can proceed safely to manual handling maneuvers to bring the person to the nearest floor. If the rudder is not perfectly engaged, the controls are excluded. The belts offer greater protection and stability to the person being transported. Once charged, the device cannot be put into operation;
  • TRANSPORTATION : the tracked stairlift can also be easily transported by car by dividing the machine body from the drawbar side thus occupying a small footprint. The lighter version weighs 48 kg;
  • USABILITY : the controls on the machine in the upper part of the tiller are easy to understand and allow, with the appropriate buttons, to easily move the product while keeping the battery charge levels and the correct slope levels under control . A full battery charge has a minimum range of 35 flights of stairs.
  • COMFORT : the headrest is designed according to the most modern ergonomic guidelines and is padded to allow comfortable support for the neck. The soft start and stop system guarantees smooth starts and stops. Absence of vibrations and silent movements.
  • AGILITY : self-balanced wheels that come out automatically and allow you to maneuver the device once you reach the floor. The low height makes it easy to insert the various types of wheelchair. The aid moves at a speed of 5 m per minute.The stairlift initially conceived as a climbing trolley for the transport of goods to the floors of buildings was then converted into one of the most used aids for the elderly to facilitate the life of people with difficulties In order to choose the best wheeled stairlift you will have to take into account some important design criteria as well as functional ones that are already present in our products. The mobile stairlift marketed by Mobility Care therefore allows you to obtain high levels of:
    • MANEUVERABILITY : the rudder, consisting of a painted steel structure inside which slides a telescopic section in aluminum, allows you to configure the appropriate height of the control handlebars to obtain a comfortable operation of the machinery during use. The on-board electronics allow you to use the electric stairclimber both continuously and by interposing a pause between one step and another. The wheels of the platform in the chair version allow an easy movement of the person along the desired plane;
  • TRANSPORTABILITY : the possibility of unhooking the guide bar from the machine body of the wheeled stairlift and the rotation of the handlebar makes this aid compact in size and such that it can be easily stored when not in use or when put it back in the trunk of the car using the special handles to be used later in rooms without fixed systems. The maximum total weight of the complete device for the chair version is 43 kg;
  • SAFETY : the electronics on the machine allow you to adjust the aid in unsafe conditions. In the event of an incorrect inclination detected by the electronic inclinometer, of capacities over 130 kg or of an excessively discharged battery, the control unit will inhibit the operation of the aid by placing an acoustic and visual warning. During use, the brakes integrated into the wheels are automatically engaged once the edge of the step is reached, avoiding falls forward.
  • PERFORMANCE : the absence of gearmotors allows for a pleasant silent movement. The starts and stops are smooth and ensure high ride comfort of the wheeled stairlift in the absence of vibrations. The maximum speed that can be reached is 12 steps per minute.
  • USABILITY : the electronic control panel allows you to manage the operating mode between single step and continuous motion through the appropriate selector. The potentiometer will help you adjust the running speed of the aid and through the special gradual indicator of the remaining range you can visibly keep the battery charge at bay. All this thanks to an intuitive operator panel, designed to facilitate the use of the stairlift. The presence of double operating controls in the ergonomic handlebar make it easier for the operator to use. Maintenance and replacement of parts subject to wear is facilitated by easy access to mechanical fastening systems and the electrical system connectors.
  • DYNAMIC : the Mobility Care wheeled stairlift can be converted into the three versions of use (armchair version, version with platform and wheelchair coupling and version with wheelchair coupling only with fixing supports installed directly on the wheelchair structure) by simply changing the accessories supplied. In the solution with direct connection it is possible to use the wheelchair normally on the floor, keeping the wheeled stairlift hooked during the movements.

In order to use a Mobility Care stairlift you must ensure the following requirements:

  • the minimum dimensions of the compartment width must be equal to 80 cm with a maneuvering space of 70 x 70 cm.
  • the weight of the person transported including the wheelchair must not exceed 130 kg;
  • no matter how simple it is to use the aid, the person maneuvering must be trained to avoid accidents during use;
  • the rise of the steps must not exceed 21 cm;

For further information on the prices, sale and maintenance of wheeled stairlifts, on the sale of stairlifts for the elderly or to receive updates on our other products, contact us at the toll-free number 800 598078.