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If you are looking for a sturdy armchair and at the same time beautiful and comfortable that can guarantee your well-being, know that our lift xl relaxation armchairs for extra large people kappa 65 are the ideal solution to your needs.

The structure in iron and wood and the padding in differentiated density polyurethane foam make the EK65-3 armchair extremely comfortable and long-lasting guaranteeing a range up to 250 kg . The three-motor mechanics allows the person with walking difficulties to get up and sit in total safety by pressing the appropriate button on the wired remote control supplied . The movements will be fluid and pleasant.

The warm and soft upholstery of the kappa 65 extra large relax lift xl armchairs by Mobility Care is made with water-repellent, breathable and stain-resistant fabric . You can choose between the different colors in the catalog.

The seat frame is made with Greek springs and is designed according to ergonomic criteria to give you the experience of a high level of comfort and the feeling of not being able to do without your daily moments of rest.

The kappa65 lift xl relax armchairs for extra large people have a seat width of 60 cm, a depth of 50 cm and a height of 49 cm. As for the overall dimensions, the total depth is 95 cm, the width of 85 cm and the height of 100 cm.

Mobility care deals with the sale of relaxation armchairs for the elderly that are totally designed and manufactured in Italy , including components.

Main features of the kappa 65 lift xl relax armchairs for extra large people:

  • Italian engines;
  • mechanics with Lift / Relax functions;
  • iron and wood structure;
  • padding in non-deformable polyurethane foam with different densities;
  • seat frame with Greek springs;
  • capacity 250 kg.

Call us at toll-free number 800 598078 to get more information about our range of armchairs, i seat prices for the elderly and disabled and dedicated tax concessions .

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