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Servoscala in armchair for Outdoor in Belluno

Mobility Care has over ten years of experience in the installation of servo scale for the outside armchair in Belluno, but also in the other provinces of Veneto such as Treviso, Padua, Verona, Venice, Vicenza and Rovigo.

Our mission leads us every day to find the ideal solution to ensure the accessibility of our customers to the 360 degrees during the journey sway in and out of the home.

We have a wide range of aids for the removal of architectural barriers and for autonomy in the bathroom. We

are structured to give you commercial support with free inspections directly at your home with our mobility specialists. You will be able to receive information about our products and tax deductions dedicated to you.

Once the sale of servo scale for the elderly has been completed, such as armchair servo sofas and platform servo ladders, as well as cinhols, open-space lifts, closed-space lifts, micro-lifts, industrial lifts and ramps for disabled people there we will activate from a technical point of view with the home installation of your favorite moving saltlift.

You won't have to worry about contacting plumbers, electricians, bricklayers and carpenters. We'il think of all of us.

The outdoor armchair servo at Belluno was recently fitted by our technicians in a two-story house. The elderly customer with mobility difficulties needs the help of a second person to face the steps in order to access the entrance of his home located on the first floor.

Now thanks to the salsalis chair can move in and out of the house freely in full autonomy.


The characteristics of the outdoor armchair servo at Belluno are similar to the internal version. The difference lies in the type of special paint work used for dual driving in order to protect the aid from the weather. In addition, to safeguard the stair chair, a protective sheet is provided to be applied in cover.

The curved stairwell aid is powered by a common 220-V power outlet and batteries are recharged at the two finish points. The standard maximum range is 125 kg, but can be up to 160 kg in the HD version. The seat is designed according to the rules dictated by ergonomics and the padding offers comfort during the trip. The optional manual or electric rotation seat makes it easier to board and disembark from the saxoscale aid for the elderly.

To use the armchair servo to outside Belluno just fasten your seatbelts, turn the ignition key and operate the joystick on board the car towards the destination direction. Safety is not lost thanks to the sensitive edges that stop the march at the slightest contact with obstacles present in the stairs. One of the strengths of this servo ladder for the elderly is the smallest footprint inside the stairwell which, once finished its use and enclosed upwards the footrest pawn, the armrests and the seat, is reduced to only 40 cm.

All of our barrier-breaking products are high quality, durable and above all certified.

Please note that by the end of the year you can save 50% of your 4% VAT-backed spending thanks to IRPEF deductions.

What are you waiting for? Rediscover the pleasure of moving by contacting us at the toll-free number 800 598078. Or come and visit us in our cornuda showroom in the province of Treviso. We're waiting for you!

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